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Howard Breedlove, Vice-President started roofing in Southern California in 1963.  He installed wood shingles and shakes on new residential housing for the Carpenters Union.  In 1969 Howard moved to Madera and started roofing out of the Fresno Union Hall and then the Merced Union Hall.  After the work ran out from the union halls he started working for several private roofing companies in the Fresno area.  After years of roofing experience he opened Madera Roofing in 1974. 

Vic Breedlove, President is Howard’s son and he started working summers at age 12.  Vic tore roofs off, delivered material, and worked around the shop.  After graduating high school, he attended California State University Fresno, and worked on the roof.  Vic graduated from CSUF with a B.S. in Business Management.  Vic has learned to run the business effectively and efficiently from his father.

The office staff is ran by Evelyn Bales and Elena Romo.  They handle the day to day office tasks, and make sure our customers have a dependable point of contact.  Our experienced employees are supervised by Jerry Rodriguez and Tony Tornero, Jr.  Jerry has worked for Madera Roofing, Inc. since 1993.  He has worked on all types of roofing, and has a vast knowledge of roofing.  Tony has worked for the company since 1990, and his expertise is in concrete and clay tile.  Tony earned a B.S. degree in Civil Engineering from California State University Fresno while continuing to work.

We belong to many roofing and business associations, organizations, and our employees hold several certifications in roofing and safety.  Madera Roofing, Inc. is only as good as our employees.  We take pride in the loyalty and outstanding performance of our employees.   

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The Certified Roofing Torch Applicator (CERTA) program has been designed to address the concerns of building owners, roofing contractors, the insurance industry, fire and code authorities, roofing material manufacturers, equipment manufacturers and fuel suppliers.

This program provides the latest best practices and new industry requirements for the safe use of roofing torches. We are proud to have employees that are CERTA sealed.